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Saturday, January 29, 2011

on vacay...

I haven't fallen off the 365 wagon quite yet! I'm on holidays and can't upload photos at the moment. I'll be back on Feb. 5th and will have some catching up to do. No worries - I will have MANY photos to choose from!! xox

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

jour 21::365

jour 21::365, originally uploaded by jag@lwh.

found me some love today
it made me think
"what do i love?"

i love the fact
that i will be
on a plane to miami
in the morning

i love the fact
that i will be able to run
without layers
and without slush

i love the fact
that i will be sharing this
with my chosen one

i love the fact
that i can leave you
in love
with love
until i return

Monday, January 24, 2011

jour 20::365

7am and a windchill of -38C
the setting moon
in the western sky
bids me farewell

making room
for the rising sun
who, in a valiant effort,
attempts to bring warmth
to the day

but to no avail

Sunday, January 23, 2011

jour 19::365

jour 19::365, originally uploaded by jag@lwh.

sarah & shae

i wish i could tell you
which is which
but having only met them
for the first time today
i'm afraid i'll have to keep it at

sarah & shae

(although i took several pictures at my friend V's house, i chose this one as my pic of the day because it reminds me of the beauty that is winter - white, fluffy beauty...)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

jour 18::365

jour 18::365, originally uploaded by jag@lwh.

i am no martha
i will never be confused
with the domestic goddess
but today
was a day for such tasks

and as i made the bed
with freshly laundered sheets
i took a moment
to appreciate this
faded bedspread
that my mémére once used

and then quickly tucked
the torn & tattered edge
under the mattress

Friday, January 21, 2011

jour 17::365

jour 17::365, originally uploaded by jag@lwh.

i could be regretful
that i got on a bus
that was already crowded
and that got so much more crowded
that i had to get off
one stop early
so that i could breathe...


i could be grateful
that i got on a bus
that was already crowded
and that got so much more crowded
that i had to get off
one stop early
so that i could breathe...

...and catch a glimpse
of the local mosque
in the evening light

(photo: SOOC - please help me solve the mystery of the floating "wineglass & spindles" in the sky!)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

jour 16::365

jour 16::365, originally uploaded by jag@lwh.

and thus ends
another work day
for the bus to come
and carry me home

across the way
still open
for business

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

jour 15::365

jour 15::365, originally uploaded by jag@lwh.

thanks to my sister
this first appeared
in my kitchen
last april
when hubby & i
returned from boston

he had run his first boston marathon
i had my best ever result in a 5k

i've kept it there
to remind us...
every day may not be
a personal best kind of day
but every day
is worth celebrating

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

jour 14::365

jour 14::365, originally uploaded by jag@lwh.

an impromptu dinner date
with my chosen one
at the foolish chicken
on holland avenue

surrounded by the stunning artwork
of local artist alison fowler

Monday, January 17, 2011

jour 13::365

the glorious orange

i sat at my small table
by the window
to savour my breakfast
and was distracted by
the shadowplay

with the sun as your partner
everything is shot through
with beauty

Sunday, January 16, 2011

jour 12::365

i ran a 10K road race this morning
yesterday was a snow storm
the wind was bone-chilling
i questioned my sanity

runners gathered in a local school
before the race
i roamed the halls
searching for a water fountain
as an added bonus

i found courage

Saturday, January 15, 2011

jour 11::365

all good things
must come to an end
(to make room for new beginnings)

i had the pleasure
of participating in
a group art exhibit
at a local restaurant

the theme was
winter solstice
and it ended

and so down they come

Friday, January 14, 2011

jour 10::365

jour 10::365, originally uploaded by jag@lwh.

i always love it
when i catch a glimpse
of the moon
in the middle of the afternoon

i always wonder...
if we have both
the sun and the moon
what lights the way
on the other side
of the world?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

jour 9::365

jour 9::365, originally uploaded by jag@lwh.

tossed and forsaken
the tree that almost wasn't

hubby showed up with a tree
which we set up in a stand
the night before we left to spend christmas with family

decorations went up on new year's eve
just in time
for friends
and merriment

my assumptions about christmas trees?
tossed and foresaken

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

jour 8::365

jour 8::365, originally uploaded by jag@lwh.

i talked myself out of going for a run at noon today
instead, i went for a walk
a walk on parliament hill
where statues abound

i'm fortunate to work downtown
just blocks from our national legislature
i can play tourist
any day of the week

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

jour 7::365

i've long wanted to stop and chat with this guy
this guy with the clever sign
i finally did over the holidays
when his sign read:
"will you merry me?"
i asked if i could come back with my camera sometime
he was ok with that

today was that day
we chatted about books
and photography
and exchanged names
and shook hands

thanks marcus
it was great meeting you

(you can see another picture of marcus here and here)

Monday, January 10, 2011

jour 6::365

jour 6::365, originally uploaded by jag@lwh.

i spotted another "love tag" today
it's the second one i've seen
same city block, different building

someone is trying to send a message!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

jour 5::365

jour 5::365, originally uploaded by jag@lwh.

2hrs 10min 36sec
10cm snow
1 running buddy
4 tired feet

today, it felt like a numbers game...

jour 4::365

jour 4::365, originally uploaded by jag@lwh.


i had an impromptu visit with my sister and her hubby when we popped into a local coffee shop

i love that i live here.
i love that she lives here too.

jour 3::365

jour 3::365, originally uploaded by jag@lwh.

snowy day in ottawa today
went for a 5K run at noon along the rideau canal
felt like 10K, with all the slipping & sliding
but my mind was clear
and my cheeks were rosy
great run!

jour 2::365

jour 2::365, originally uploaded by jag@lwh.

Paul's bookshelf -
I've been going to Paul's place for a weekly meditation group on Thursdays for the past 7 years... I will never tire of his book collection!

jour 1::365

jour 1::365, originally uploaded by jag@lwh.

let the journey 365 begin...
carefully chosen for me by my 6 year-old niece

picturing... the real life

Don’t be greedy with the universe, she said to me.

But she didn’t say it in the mean way.
She didn’t say don’t dream big, don’t want things, don’t think you

She meant: look at your life and trust it.
Notice how you have forever been given what you need.

Notice how, while you’ve been railing and ranting and wanting,
enoughness has gathered around you like stones around a fire,

How, while you’ve been making lists of what should be
wishing the set and costumes were different,
there was a whole other play happening on another stage.

The real life.

Witnessed when you hand a dollar to the woman behind the register
in the color of an orange
in the magic laugh

Never calling, just crackling, speaking in tones —
the real life

Cup your hands and ask for it.
Start looking.
Sweetness. Honey in a bowl. Nectar.

- Tara Mohr

this is it. i'm jumping in.
my real life in pictures.
365 days is the goal - ONE day at a time...