a moment of attention. a moment of intention. one day at a time.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

jour 365::365

jour 365::365, originally uploaded by jag@lwh.

and there you have it.

i've crossed the proverbial finish line
i've shot my photographic marathon

time to celebrate!

jour 364::365

jour 364::365, originally uploaded by jag@lwh.

a lovely evening
of good friends
and good conversation
under the warm glow
of the most original chandelier i've seen in a while

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

jour 363::365

jour 363::365, originally uploaded by jag@lwh.

i look forward to savouring this book
- a christmas gift from my sister -
one page at a time...

Monday, January 2, 2012

jour 362::365

jour 362::365, originally uploaded by jag@lwh.

a new day
a new year
a new candle for my meditation space

as i move forward with my intention of "less" in 2012
i look forward to experiencing a richer and more committed
meditation practice

god willing

jour 361::365

jour 361::365, originally uploaded by jag@lwh.

a new day
a new year
a new care package from mom

may you never grow too old
for sheer delight

jour 360::365

jour 360::365, originally uploaded by jag@lwh.

as the calendar year comes to an end
and the earth waits in quiet knowing,
i wish you a 2012 of
and gentle learning

jour 359::365

jour 359::365, originally uploaded by jag@lwh.

all things must pass
and every arrival is paired with a departure

and i'm not sure about that second screen on the bottom...
should i be glad about that?!